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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  March 14, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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course, being with me. you are watching cnn. let's go to washington right now. "the lead with jake tapper" starts right now. >> it's pi day. and it looks as though the president just took one in the face from members of his own party. "the lead" starts right now. rejected. republicans and democrats in the senate vote down president trump's national emergency declaration for his border wall and the president just reacted. one word in all caps. breaking today in the mueller probe, a trial date set for trump ally, self proclaimed dirty trickster, roger stone. it could be one of the last pieces for the special counsel. and stepping up, beto o'rourke launches his bid to take the white house from president trump and as mr. trump begins to make fun of him. welcome to "the lead."
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i'm jake tapper. welcome, a major defeat for president trump on capitol hill. no, it did not come just from democrats. this was a bipartisan review. the president could issue the first veto of his presidency. in fact, moments ago he tweeted that word, "veto," after republicans joined all 47 democrats to slap down the declaration of emergency to get the border wall. republicans murkowski, collins, lee, paul, portman, romney, alexander, toomey, moran, blunt, rubio and wicker. he tweeted a vote for today's
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resolution by republican senators is a vote for nancy pelosi, crime. hyperbole on twitter, whether such tweets have any real affect anymore. abby philip starts off our reporting. >> call the role. >> building the wall, as 12 republican senators join democrats in repudiating his national emergency declaration to build the border wall without going through congress for the funding. >> the ayes are 59. the nays are 41. the joint resolution is passed. >> reporter: despite last-ditch drama, an attempt to twist arms on capitol hill, trump will now be forced to use the first veto of his presidency to defend his border wall. >> i'll probably have to veto. and it's not going to be overturned and we're going to have -- the legal scholars all say it's totally constitutional. it's very important. it's really a border security vote.
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it's pure and simple. it's a vote for border security. >> republicans on capitol hill didn't see it that way. several senators saying their vote is about the constitution and separation of powers, not the president. >> well, he would rather have me vote in a different direction, but i let him know that this, for me, is a matter of defending the constitution and balance of powers that is in accord to our constitution. >> reporter: hours before the vote, trump and his allies scrambling to minimize defections. tying the vote to house speaker nancy pelosi and crime, and reversing himself sar, saying h will curtail a bill. refusing to leave until they were let in, hoping to strike a last-minute deal. >> barged in on his supper.
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only in the trump presidency could you do that. if it had been me, i would have told us all to go to hell, get out of here, i'm having dinner with my wife. the point is that we had a very good discussion whether or not we can bridge the differences. i don't know. >> according to sources, the president was irritated the senators had interrupted his family meal to present different proposals for resolving the impasse. graham pushing trump to support the deal to support emergency declarations and cruz pushing a proposal not to use money to build a wall. last-minute lobbying didn't work but trump is already plas pasing the blame. >> the republicans didn't fight hard enough. >> reporter: just now on capitol hill, the senate -- senator chuck schumer is telling reporters he believes there will be more of these fights in the future. the national emergencies act allows them to bring resolution
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of disapproval every six months, meaning president trump could be in this position numerous times until this fight is really over. asked why democrats would want to do that, he says that even if they have to fight it ten times, they're hoping to win on the 11th time. jake? >> abby philip at the white house for us. thanks so much. let's chat about this with the experts. mike, 12 republicans rebuking the president on how he's trying to build his border wall is a pretty big defeat. >> is it? these are constitutionalists. this isn't fighting him on the wall. the separation of powers fight happens under every single president. the executive branch goes further and further. legislative branch has some people who stand up for it. the vast majority of republicans in the senate, in the house and across the country's grass roots want him to do this. he's going to veto it. they don't have enough republicans to rebuke him on a veto and so he is going to get the wall funding. >> what do you think? >> this is classically trump in that we handed him a way out of this that would have been a bit
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graceful and he's like, nah, pass. i like that 12 republicans are with it on this. congress should guard its powers jealously and they should make laws and stuff. and i know it's very old school, but i appreciate that. he will veto it. i don't think they have what it takes to overcome that. so i like seeing a little gumption here. tom tillis, by the way, ripping that band-aid off and trying to put it back on. >> let's talk about that. tom tillis, up for re-election, two weeks ago, didn't just say he was going to vote. >> wrote a piece. >> wrote an op-ed in the washington post, conservatives who cried foul about president obama use iing executive powers. there is no intellectual honesty in now turning around and arguing that there's an imaginary asterisk attached to executive overreach.
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that it's acceptable for my party but not thy party. as a u.s. senator, i cannot justify providing the executive with more ways to bypass congress. as a conservative i cannot endorse a precedent that i know future left-wing presidents will exploit to advance radical policies and then, never mind. >> someone got a scolding. you can say you're a constitutionalist and vote against the president, knowing he's going to veto it ultimately. there's not the votes to override the veto. so there's not really a consequence to having voted against the president other than being able to do your own home politics. >> symone, take a listen to senator mitt romney from utah. both senators from utah voted against this. he did as well. >> for me this is a constitutional question, about the balance of power that is in our constitution. this is not about border security or the president. in fact, i support border security. >> he is a hardliner on border
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security. internal conversations, trump kashzed the votes as a loyalty pledge in a way. >> i'm not surprised to hear that. there were a lot of senators today, republican senators that might have put themselves in a pickle when it comes to their 2020 re-election prospects. a number of votes. martha mc -- the arizona republican was out with the headline saying martha mcsally sided with trump and against arizonans. these things are coming home to roost. republicans have to be careful in pledging their loyalty to the president when they're supposed to be representing the interests of their constituents and i would like to remind people, president trump said mexico would pay for the wall. >> that true. he did say that. let me ask you about what mk brought up a moment ago. the other senator, mike lee, from utah, he had a compromise that he offered. basically we'll go along with you this time but you have to bring in these emergency powers for the future.
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and trump said no, i'm not doing that. and today he seemed to signal that he would be on board with that. if at a later date congress wants to update the law i will support those efforts. do you think he missed an opportunity here? >> the president and the legislative branch fight all the time over separation of powers. that is something that predates trump. i know everything seems new, it's all him. >> it happen in such a big way. >> we're making it a big way. there's been a fight between the legislative branch and the executive over and over on separation of powers. he's looking at i didn't come here to live by the rules of the senate or washington. i'm trying to build a border wall and the more that it looks like a fight with congress that people don't like, great. >> i'm trying to keep a political promise that is actually not true, because mexico is not going to pay -- >> imagine someone getting elected and keeping their promises. that's going to be his campaign slogan. it's amazing, isn't it? >> only a core -- you said across america, people support it.
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and that's actually not true. it is a very small portion of the base that trump continues to cater to, heading into 2020. >> his voters. >> his voters. that's it. >> there's a book that's called when democracies die. democracies die when norms are eroded. yes, congress is always fighting with the president over separation of powers. this is the first time, at least since i've been alive -- i turn 30 this year, jake. >> happy birthday. >> this is the first time since i've been alive that a sitting president said you're not going to fund this i'm going to declare an emergency declaration and take money away from other places where money has been appropriated by congress to other places. >> i can't do daca, i can't do daca. hold on. i'm going to do daca. i'm not going to declare a national emergency but i'm going to do daca and i dare you to tell me 12 democratic senators would stand up. >> did he take money away? did president obama -- >> you can -- >> it's an executive overreach. >> again for the people at home,
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in my r. kelly moment, where is the camera? congress has the power to appropriate funds, okay? congress has the power to appropriate funds. what donald trump is doing is overreaching, overstepping. >> they were both overreaches. >> as we go to break, a republican senator told cnn's phil mattingly, quote, it's not like it signals a big break but one maybe we avoided over the past few years that we can push back and send a message when we need to. >> how about that? >> that's how much republicans are interested in pushing back. beto o'rourke's presidential run is in full swing hours after he made it official. he already has doubters in his own party. then what would secretary treasury steve mnuchin do to keep president trump's tax returns from congress? just ahead. if you have moderate to severe psoriasis
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we are back with our 2020 lead. and beto o'rourke is in. he was so excited that he jumped on top of a diner counter to take questions from voters in the key early state of iowa. as jeff zeleny reports, he has already gotten president trump's attention. >> hey, everybody, what's up? >> reporter: beto o'rourke making it official, turning a long flirtation with a presid t presidential bid into a formal campaign, visiting iowa for the first time ever today, the crowd so big inside this coffee shop, he took his message to the countertop. >> i don't think there's ever been a greater moment in our lifetimes and for this country. >> reporter: in a morning video to supporters, he outlined the high stakes of the 2020 campaign. >> this moment of peril
1:17 pm
produces, perhaps, the greatest moment of promise for this country and for everyone inside of it. >> reporter: at the white house, the president said he was watching and took immediate aim at those pronounced hand gestures. >> i think he has a lot of hand movement. i've never seen so much hand movement. i said is he crazy or is that just the way he acts? >> reporter: o'rourke barely mentioned the president at all. the president made fun of your hands today. >> did he? i have nothing to say about that. people want us to rise above the petiness. >> reporter: o'rourke visited three counties the president won in 2016, that president obama had previously carried but saw double-digit fall-off for hillary clinton. o'rourke said again and again that he came to listen. >> there's no sense in campaigning, if you already know every single answer, if you're not willing to listen to those whom you wish to serve. >> reporter: even though it was clear iowa voters were looking for specific answers on which he
1:18 pm
offered few. on health care. >> what is it we're hoping to achieve? in my opinion, high quality health care. >> reporter: and the green new deal. >> if you don't mind, i'll take the spirit of the question. >> reporter: it worked on day one but several iowa voters told us they expect more specific soon so they can compare him to other democrats in the field. while o'rourke vowed to run a positive campaign. >> critically important we not denegrade or demean any other candidate. >> reporter: that's not entirely within his control. his rivals are watching his campaign closely, from his glossy "vanity fair" cover to his interaction with crowds. julian castro. showing few signs of humility, o'rourke said he would welcome all supporters. >> it doesn't matter whose team you are on today. it doesn't matter which perspective nominee you back right now. ultimately, we all have to get on board the same person because
1:19 pm
it is fundamental to our chances of success that we defeat donald trump in 2020. >> reporter: and beto o'rourke is meeting inside this union hall here in burlington, jake, with iowa voters, taking questions from them. so far they've largely been about health care. voters, i can tell you, are looking for specifics. they're looking for specific answers to the questions. so far, he is giving them generalities. that is something, of course, he will work on. voters i talked to said they will allow that for a while, but it's unclear sort of how much he will grow as a candidate. i can tell you after being in iowa for a while, there is excitement that he's finally in the race. now we'll see if he can live up to it. jake? >> former ace reporter jeff zeleny now with cnn. thanks for being with us. i want to play what beto o'rourke said to voters at an
1:20 pm
iowa coffee shop. >> there's nothing we can't do. there's so much for us to learn and i see the future of america right here, right now. >> and that seems to be, karen, his kind of message, which is very optimistic, very uplifting and, as jeff pointed out, not a lot of specifics. >> sounds a bit like stronger together, doesn't it? the problem that i think he has, i would not have done it this way. the glossy "vanity fair" cover, going to iowa. his message made it sound more about him instead of the people. so i have a real problem with that, frankly. there's been so much hype around him, i think sort of a situational awareness of that going into an announcement and really making it more about the people instead of i was born to do this. that's just going to hit people's ears the wrong way. you can get through the first couple of weeks with the enthusiasm and excitement. as you know so well, jake, particularly in the early four states, people want specifics, they want answers quickly. these are very sophisticated voters, particularly iowa, new
1:21 pm
hampshire, south carolina, nevada, where they'll ask you the tough policy questions and you need answers. >> i went to beto o'rourke's website, beto o' you see that picture, o'rourke with a young boy. you get these th pictuis pictur a little sweaty speaking before a crowd. then there's a place to buy merchandise, a section for spanish speakers and for people to work on his campaign. i didn't find any policies, health care, jobs, nothing about energy policy. in fact, mk, he was asked about the new green deal. take a listen to what he had to say. >> your thoughts on the new green deal? >> question is on the green new deal and by extension, if you don't mind, i'll take the spirit of the question. >> the green new deal, of course, is a very specific piece of legislation. instead he went on to talk about climate change in general. i don't know how much longer he
1:22 pm
can get away with that. >> as a person who likes to take the spirit of the question, i think that's fair. >> you do do that. >> he's getting to the big leagues here and, yes, texas senate campaign is a big deal and i don't want to discount that he ran a close race in a red state but also lost to ted cruz. i do kind of resent the celebrity roll-out -- not resent but i don't like the celebrity role out. he's supposed to be this broody candidate to the suburban mom angela chase and this is not my so-called campaign. you have to flush it out in iowa. you have to do the stuff. and it does feel like he has been put here. born to do this perhaps. >> that's how he described it. >> more recently. >> do you know what i was born to do? 46,000 women who have said they want to run for office in some capacity. i take offense for beto o'rourke popping up saying he was going
1:23 pm
to do this. me too, i just wasn't old enough. a robust democratic field, robust conversation but beto o'rourke is someone who has pontificated what he's going to do for some months now and folks are looking for some specifics from him. i was disappointed he didn't have more. hopefully, we'll see some in the coming months. >> democrats are doing your job for. >> that loud squeal today were all the reporters that have been fawning over beto to write think pieces about how dreamy and amazing he is and now he gets to run and it will be the coolest coffee houses in iowa. >> to be fair, our own reporter, jeff zeleny, was not squealing. he was pretty skeptical. >> he has worked in iowa. he knows not to squeal. the point is, there's no substance there. nancy pelosi asked what he had ever done in congress. she couldn't answer the question. he has name a courthouse. he doesn't fit, from i can tell, into the democratic primary
1:24 pm
electorate of this. to say i am a white man who was born to do this won't go over well. >> in fairness, although he lost in texas, he did energize people in texas. he brought more donors and volunteers and people into the process in texas, which whether or not he is able to go all the way is a good thing for the democratic party. and so that certainly is something of note. but i -- and i think that he, like i said, needs to figure out what is your message beyond you? what is your message about what you're going to do for people? and maybe take a step back, go do some things without the cameras, right? let people hear about some of the things you're doing instead of making it all about -- >> get more medium posts. >> you can't suddenly go have an experience and learn something. he's not going to learn how to be a leader suddenly. >> all the smoke for beto o'rourke. >> it's not just beto, though. because it's such a crowded
1:25 pm
democratic presidential nominee field, people will have to be able to distinguish themselves in this race irrespective of anyone else, that does mean policy, the type of president you'll be. people are under a tighter microscope than if there were only three people in this race. it's not just beto. other folks need to get more specifics. only large policy rollouts i've seen is from senator elizabeth warren. she's driving the conversation in a lot of this. folks have time to pontificate. beto, he was hyped so the bar was a little higher and i feel like he fell right up under it. we'll see. >> this is a tough table. howard schultz is now apologizing. earlier today he said he has spent more time with the military than anyone running for president. >> donald trump. >> pointed out two of the people he's running against were in the military, presumably spent time with the military when they were serving, congresswoman tulsi
1:26 pm
gabbard. a decent espresso machine but i don't recall seeing any starbucks over there. >> dark roast over there. burn! >> why would people say anything? i've spent more time with the military? >> i like his story, some of the things he has to say, talking about the debt, for instance, because nobody does anymore. this is a trumpian move to take it to this level. i'm the most, the most, the most. never go there. >> exactly. why not just say i've spent a lot of time with the military? tulsi gabbard and pete buttigieg are actually still in the guard. >> he's trying to gather attention very different than running starbucks, apparently. stick around. one of the most flashy trump associates tied to the russia investigation back in court and
1:27 pm
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1:32 pm
ground. there are no reports of any injuries. this is the first time rockets have been fired from gaza since the 2014 war between israel and hamas. cnn's melissa bell is wiin jerusal jerusalem. it's surprising they were not intercepted. >> reporter: that's right. protected by this iron dome system. this is the first time since 2014 that rockets have been fired from gaza towards tel aviv. we know they were fired now, according to the ief, israeli defense forces, toward open ground. that's where they landed, no casualties. that's what we're hearing. yet those sirens blaired in tel aviv. we've been hearing from the mayor of tel aviv, telling people on radio, confirming what had happened but essentially saying people should go about their daily business, should carry on and yet be aware this might happen again, confirming that it happened. this does represent, jake, an
1:33 pm
escalation. it had been several years since we had seen this sort of rocket make it to tel aviv. of course, all eyes very much on what will happen over the course of the next few hours, jake. >> melissa bell, thank you very much. appreciate it. today the trial for president trump's long-time political confidante, roger stone, will be april 5th, election day as it would have it. obstruction of justice, making false statements. if convicted he could face time behind bars. cnn has learned of the strongest sign yet that special counsel robert mueller's report could drop any moment. >> wearing his now signature round sunglasses and gray suit, roger stone, friend and frmer adviser to president trump, found out when he's going to trial. >> good morning. >> reporter: amy berman jackson who sentenced stone's lobbying partner to prison just yesterday set a november 5th trial date for stone, who is accused of
1:34 pm
lying about his attempts to secretly contact wikileak notice lead-up to the 2016 election. the judge also said she's still reviewing if he violated his gag order, after releasing a book slamming the special counsel's investigation. a prominent member of the special counsel's team who will soon be departing, prosecutor andrew weisman, expected to leave the department of justice to take a teaching job at new york university, a source tells cnn. he served as the lead prosecutor for the virginia trial against manafort, who was convicted of eight felonies and sentenced to nearly four years in prison. his departure is the latest sign that robert mueller appears to be wrapping up his investigation. while it is still uncertain went the investigation will come to an end, the house, in an unusual show of bipartisan unanimously called for mueller's report to be made public.
1:35 pm
>> it is essential that when the mueller report comes out, the entire report and the evidence behind it be released, certainly to congress, and as much as possible to the public. >> reporter: though it passed 420-0, it was a largely symbolic vote since the senate is not expected to take it up. now tomorrow we could get our next indication of how close mueller is to wrapping up this investigation. that's a status report on manafort's deputy rick gates. we'll see if they are ready to move forward with his sentencing or if he is still cooperating. >> elie hoenig and phil mudd joins us. legally does it matter if congress asks for this? >> legally, it doesn't matter. politically it matters a lot. the release of a mueller report largely will be a political question. it won't be like the ken starr report where we all hit download
1:36 pm
and read this 400 page narrative. it gives the attorney general a lot of discretion about what to do with that report. attorney general barr has the discretion to release all of it, some of it or none of it. politics will matter there. maybe this vote was symbolic but it's important that that political pressure be brought to bear. >> mary katherine, lindsey graham blocked a resolution to make the mueller report public. lindsey graham said he wanted it amended to call for an investigation into how the clinton probe was handled and process of getting a fisa warrant on carter page. what do you make of all that? >> i think he wants to keep talking about that issue. i think it doesn't really serve anyone here. i think the eunanimous vote by the house is a good thing and good political pressure brought to bear and i think many senators would agree with it. we paid for this sucker. it should be as public as
1:37 pm
possible, while protecting people from whatever is necessary. barr has indicated in his hearings or testimony -- confirmation, excuse me, that he would like to make public as much as possible under law. i think that's where we want to be. >> what do you think of that, phil? what do you make of the fact that we know now that one of mueller's top prosecutors, andrew weissman, will leave the office and go back to nyu to teach? >> i used to work with him ten years ago when he was in director mueller's office of the fbi, close to mueller then, one of the smartest lawyers i ever worked with. the talent he brings to the table and also his closeness to mueller. we used to look at the kremlin 25 years ago. i don't really know what's going on. i'm going to interpret by who stands next to who at the parade. that indicates we're reaching the end game. i'm mildly irritated here. all you have to do is say the american people have the right to have some idea why we spent
1:38 pm
all this money on the biggest political investigation in nearly half a century. and barr also gets to say, as mk said, if there are private citizens who are charged, we should protect them. we just finished that. what's the next subject? they'll spend six months debating. >> symone, let's remember people just this week, just this week we learned that the former national security adviser michael flynn is done cooperating with robert mueller and ready to be sentenced. paul manafort was sentenced to an additional 3 1/2 years in prison. today the president's confidante was in court and will stand trial come november whether or not they find conspiracy, a lot of people close to the president who are in a lot of hot water. >> this culture of conspiracy that the trump administration has really just brought upon washington is something that i think democrats are seeking to hold the trump administration accountable for, which is why there are extensive house oversight hearings, which is why
1:39 pm
you saw that extensive request for documents, from i think it was, over 100 individuals from house democrats. i will say this. there are some democrats that are hanging their hat on what the mueller investigation, what the report is going to say. i'm not one of those people. i think that democrats have to continue to talk about the issues, have to continue to exercise oversight. and these democrats that are running for president need to continue to speak directly to american people. someone will emerge as the nominee. they need to take on donald trump. i don't know if impeachment will happen. even if he is impeached that doesn't mean he will be removed. we don't know, jake. the best thing democrats can try to do is win this next election. >> another interesting development, cnn obtained e-mails in which michael cohen, the president's former fixer was told, quote, sleep well tonight because he had friends in high places. cohen provided e-mails to congress. take a listen to the chairman of the house intelligence committee adam schiff, talking about this and whether it was an attempt to
1:40 pm
signal to cohen that a pardon was in store as long as he kept his mouth shut? >> we've seen the president d g dangle pardons publicly, really, through much of the course of the investigation. we are obviously very deeply interested in all the documents that mr. cohen produced and others that we have been able to obtain. >> is there really any legal significance if a pardon was discussed? >> yeah, i think so. there's some legal debate about this. some people are of the view that the president undoubtedly has a pardon authority and he can pardon anyone for any reason. that's a view that barr and kavanaugh and others have written about. i disagree. the president has the ability to pardon somebody but if you're doing it for the purpose of shutting that person up, that has to be obstruction of justice. those e-mails are ambiguous. they're sort of speaking in code. it's the kind of thing i've seen in criminal organizations but also can be looked at as an innocuous way that friends talk to one another i want to talk to
1:41 pm
the principles on that e-mail and see if there are other e-mails that explain it. that could be seen as you're going to get a pardon. the other explanation that costello put out there was i was just telling him that trump wasn't angry at him. we could debate which one is plausible. >> democrats in congress clearly think it was a signal, keep your mouth shut and you'll get a pardon. >> what are they going to say? they don't have anything that looks like it's going to come out of the mueller report. now they're grasping at straws, because for two years they said this is going to be the biggest political scandal since watergate. you can read this both ways. any department of justice investigator is going to look at this and say can you guys get out of the sand box over there and stop sending us innocuous documents relating to testified? let's let this one go. >> everyone, stick around. more new legal trouble for president trump. this time it involves a woman who is accusing him of sexual assault. stay with us. hurt. the pain and swelling. the psoriasis.
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we're back with more politics and a man who is responsible for handling president trump's tax returns said he would accept that if asked. >> if i receive a request, which i presume, from what i've read in the press, i will receive, i will consult with the legal department within treasury and i will follow the law. >> that's treasury secretary trump cabinet original steve mnuchin in front of the house ways & means committee, where democrats have been laying the groundwork to make that request. mike, it seems like we are headed for a fight about whether
1:47 pm
or not congress, ways & means committee will be able to get these. >> it's not legal to use for political reasons to go rummaging around through tax returns, whether it's the president or anybody. ranking member does not believe it's legal. mnuchin said he would consult with his counsel to determine whether or not it's legal if you don't have a reason other than politics, which what this looks like. that's what all these investigations are looking like. i worked with newt gingrich in the '90s. it shifts from one thing to another thing, the democrats are trying to investigate the president. >> do you have any concerns about that? >> no, i don't. again, this is an area -- couple of things. this is an area where there is a lot of evidence laying in plain sight. look at the charitable giving. if we had an opportunity to look at his taxes, we would learn something about his so-called charitable giving. we already know that the trump foundation and trump himself had to shut down because he was using it for personal reasons,
1:48 pm
not any real charity. there are plenty of instances. and michael cohen put it out the there, and i think there are plenty of instances in plain sight where it's fairly clear the president uses all sorts of trickery to avoid paying taxes, to lower his actual amount, income amount so he can pay less taxes. i think it's very fair. it goes to it because you're defrauding the american taxpayer. >> it's not a legal argument. >> i think it is. >> he hasn't done this or that so let's go rummaging around and see what we find. >> from the michael cohen testimony, it's a tactic that the president has used. no reason to think that he hasn't continued to do so as president. you're suggesting that we should allow the president of the united states of america to defraud the american taxpayers? >> i'm suggesting it's a dangerous president for political practices for democrats or republicans on the hill to say i don't like what you're saying right now. i want to rummage around in your taxes. >> that's not what they're
1:49 pm
saying. they're speculating -- >> there are questions being raised. >> michael cohen raised them. >> far from credible witness raised questions. >> every president should release their tax returns as a matter of course. today, mnuchin said he would accept the request. he didn't say he was going to turn over the taxes. what do you make of it all? >> because he doesn't know exactly what this look like and should wait to talk about the legal ramifications of this. a recurring issue with trump, trump is violating a norm, by the way it's not a law that you have to give your tax returns although i always argued that he should have. trump is violating a norm so we should violate a norm to beat him violating a norm, and that can be very dangerous. there are implications here that could be abusive in the future. i'm a little surprised to learn that the house ways & means committee has the ability to do this whenever they want to. i would like to know what the legal limits are and i would like to see trump's taxes.
1:50 pm
i think there is something there that he doesn't want us to see. >> donald trump violating a norm meaning go about business as usual is not smart. it's crazy. the house is on fire. some folks are still looking to find the front keys to unlock the door. we need to break the window and hop in there and save the people. >> trying to get a judge to dismiss a defamation case against him by the former "apprentice" contestant, suing president trump by calling her a liar after she accused him of sexual assault. she detailed her claims in a press conference in 2017. >> he grabbed my shoulder and began kissing me again very aggressively and placed his hand on my breast. >> the president's lawyers argue he should be immune from prosecution and the case would conflict in his official duties. new york appeals court said today, we reject president trump's argument and zervos added this proves that trump is
1:51 pm
not above the law. there is clinton precedent be cited here as the president's standing not dismiss this. >> she's suing him over being called a liar and that lawsuit was thrown out when stormy daniels said the same thing and the judge threw it out. there's a chance that another judge will look at this -- politics. the white house contends these are political accusations. the democrats have no standing left on these issues with the lieutenant governor of virginia still in office. this turns into a big noise to the american people. one more accusation and one more sort of tact from the democrats on legal ground. >> i think you're absolutely wrong. the lieutenant governor of virginia, let's be clear, should not be in office. >> i don't see democrats down there outside his office with placards. >> i don't disagree with you. i think it's shameful. it's a very different thing to say that a woman -- stormy
1:52 pm
daniels, we now know, was absolutely credible in what she was asserting. when a woman comes forward and makes these accusations it's tippti typical to say she is crazy. she's lying. she is not crazy. she's not lying. a disturbing amount of women have come forward, not just the "access hollywood" tape, that have made these accusations against the president. >> let's do one at a time. >> women will take great offense. a lost women who are already very offended at this president by the idea that you'll try to use the law for political purposes to shut down these women. >> thanks, everyone. he is under investigation while in the white house. popul ous message. are we talking about donald trump or richard nixon? stay with us.
1:53 pm
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in our politics lead, roger stone, president trump's friend and adviser, has a trial date. he launched his career as a teenager, working for richard nixon, learning the art of the dirty tricks. long drawn comparisons to the watergate era, denials, hush money and leadership styles of presidents trump and nixon bear strike i striking parallels and trump and nixon each admired the other. >> this time we're going to win! >> reporter: listen to the long-ago roar of nixon and you may hear a coming wave. >> we're going to win. we're going to win fast! >> reporter: many political analysts have noted similarities
1:58 pm
between president nixon and president trump in their populous calls to white voters, pledges to the working class and how they spoke about military might. >> i would bomb the [ bleep ]. out of them. >> it goes much farther. the two men knew and admired each other, nixon sending a letter after trump was on tv, predicting whenever you decide to run for office, you will be a winner. trump taking pages from nixon's playbook on crime. >> it is time for us to restore respect for law and then we'll have real progress. >> reporter: nixon inflamed racial fears and pledged to crack down. trump brought similar themes to the immigration debate. >> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists. >> reporter: on investigations, as watergate erupted, nixon furiously denied doing anything wrong. >> well, i'm not a crook. >> reporter: trump's response to the russia probe? >> it's a total witch hunt. >> reporter: on the media, nixon
1:59 pm
bristled at reporters. >> the press is the enemy. >> reporter: trump? >> they call the fake news the enemy of the people. and they are. they are the enemy of the people. >> reporter: and on hush money, nixon was recorded talking about payoffs to keep watergate conspirators quiet and trump, t too, has been caught on tape discussing a payment to a former playboy model about an affair he denies. there are big differences, too. nixon grew up poor, trump wealthy. nixon served in the navy, trump got a deferral. nixon was a career politician, trump not. of course, nixon was undeniably wrapped up in the watergate affair and he resigned. trump, so far, there's been no indisputable proof that he has broken any law, nor that he will walk away from the white house.
2:00 pm
tom foreman, cnn, washington. >> "tricky dick" premiers sunday at 9:00 p.m. tweet the show @the lead. our coverage continues right now. thanks for watching. xxx. rebuking the president. the president is vowing a veto. mueller support. extraordinary show of support for the special counsel robert mueller as the house votes, get this, 420-0 to urge the justice department to make the mueller report public. beto believe it. another democrat squeezes into the 2020 race as former congressman beto o'rourke announces his presi